Jitender Sodhi
Jitender Sodhi is an Electrical Engineer by profession with a specialization in Automobiles, farms, and Allied machinery. He has spent his initial 10 years in various FMCG companies holding a leadership position. Seeing the rising demand for Ayurvedic medicines, the Sodhi brothers founded Ayush Herbs Inc., in 1988 but could not start the business as the other three brothers were busy in their medical practice. Then in the year 1990, finally Jitender Sodhi, founder cum Chairman & Managing Director took the challenge to launch the Ayurvedic products of Ayush Herbs Inc. in India. Simultaneously, he studied Business Management specializing in International Marketing. With his hard efforts AYUSH HERBS INC: flourished within a short span of three years and become a multimillion and multinational company.It was hard to meet the uprising demand of Indian herbs, for this, a manufacturing unit was set up in India to cater and meet these demands and to ensure quality.

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