Standardized extract of Arjuna ( Terminalia arjuna)


  • It helps in strengthening the weakened heart muscles


Suggested Use
Adult 1-2 caplet/tablet with water, thrice a day after meal and there after adjust the dose according to monitored blood pressure or as directed by your health provider.

Doctor’s Suggestion

  • It can be used regularly in maintenance dose, as it is a cardio – tonic and can be reduced to half a caplet/tablet once blood pressure becomes stable.
  • In case of water retention or swellings, we recommend giving it with 2 cap/tab of Rentone twice a day.
  • When there is insomnia or anxiety disorder associated with HTN then it is good to give it with 2 cap/tab of Ashwagandha DS.
  • In case of hypertension associated with other cardiac issues, 1 cap/tab Arjuna thrice a day has shown very good results.

Additional information


.1 g