Holi and skin care – herbal tips


Enjoy Skin & Hair care this holi season with Ayush’s Aabheeja Holi the festival of color, is here, it marks the advent of spring season. Everyone is drenched in colors by family and friends. The most important thing is, we must protect ourselves from the toxic reactions of the colors, resulting in unpleasant symptoms like eczema, redness, blisters, extreme redness and the flaking of skin. During ancient days, holi was played with flowers and natural homemade colors from vegetables, fruits and herbs. With organic colors being hard to come by, it only makes sense that we safeguard our skin and hair from any damage while playing Holi. Colors nowadays are made up of ingredients like engine oil, diesel, acids, mica, glass powder and alkali’s which damage the skin very badly. This can result in serious skin conditions.


  • In order to prevent harmful chemicals from penetrating your skin, make sure to apply Aabheeja Amla skin oil on your skin before you start playing with the colors. For better results apply in circular motion with gentle massage so that it completely absorbs in your skin.
  • To safeguard your hair and scalp, massage Aabheeja Amla hair Oil onto the scalp and hair gently and then tie your hair. For better protection one can wear a cap or scarf also.
  • Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices. This prevents dehydration, which can otherwise cause your skin to get dry and become more vulnerable to harsh colors.
  • Don’t forget to dab some oil behind your ears and on your ear lobes and nails as these are the places where colors tend to settle easily.
  • Wear an outfit that covers most of your body and avoid heavy fabrics like denim that cannot be dried easily.
  • Those who wear contact lenses should not do so when they go out to play as lenses can easily absorb the colors, which can result in eye irritation. Wear glasses and keep cleaning these from time to time.


  • Take a head bath with warm water by applying herbal shampoo. Clean your hair and scalp thoroughly to remove every bit of colour. Cleaning of hair becomes very easy if Aabheeja hair oil was applied as precaution prior playing with colors. After Deep cleansing and conditioning your hair, again apply Aabheeja Healthy Hair oil to treat any damage done to your hair texture.
  • For skin care use mild Herbal soap or cleanser to get rid of the color. Skin should be very gently treated instead of vigorously rubbing it.
  • Pre applied Aabheeja Amla skin oil will help to remove the color without causing any damage to skin. Once the color is removed from the skin apply Aabheeja skin care face packs, available for all skin types. Face packs can be applied daily once for 15 to 20 minutes for desired results.
  • During this, there are chances of getting skin tan, In that case apply Aabheeja anti tan Face pack every alternate day with the particular skin type face pack.
  • If you develop any skin issues like, acne, bacterial or fungal infection etc despite taking all precaution, then Neem Plus Capsule will help you to deal with any of such condition
Wishing our readers a happy, healthy and safe Holi!

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