Young Fem – Women Hormonal Balancer


A Nature’s way to correct Female’s delicate reproductive system



  • Standardized extract of Saraca indica
  • Centella asiatica
  • Bamboo arundinacea
  • Symplocos racemosa
  • Aloe barbadensis

Saraca indica– is reported to have a stimulating effect on the endometrium and in internal bleeding. It is useful in all cases of uterine bleeding.

Symplocos racemosa– It is recommended in the treatment of menorrhagia and other uterine disorders.

Mode of Action

  • Young fem contains Ashoka rich in nutrients, it contains palmitic acid, glucosides and other essential minerals. Hence possess uterine stimulant and improves functions of female reproductive system.
  • Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) normalize FSH and LH. Lodhra has anti androgenic effect and prevent ovarian cell dysfunctions and improves fertility. Lodhra and bamboo helps to check the inflammation in uterine cavity.
  • Aloe-vera is known as emmenagogue. Traditionally Aloevera has been used to promote menstrual regularity and to increase the vitamin B6.
  • Centella asiatica helps in improving the circulation for the better functioning of reproductive system.


  • Irregular menses
  • Painful menses
  • PMS
  • Uterine fibroid
  • Infertility
  • Ovarian cyst and other hormonal imbalance

Suggested Use
1 caplet twice or thrice a day with water for three to six month, treatment has to be longer in case of uterine fibroids and infertility or as directed by your health provider.

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