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Tackles the various dimensions of Anxiety & Depression


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Standardized extracts of Hypericum perforatum (0.3% hypericin and 5% hyperforin).

Hypericum perforatum
St. John’s Wort is widely known as an herbal remedy for depression. The active component hypericin work as dopamine related anti depressant effectively. The available evidence suggests that the hypericum extract tested in the included trials are similarly effective as standard antidepressants. A chemical constituent hyperforin, may be useful for treatment of alcoholism. Recent evidence suggests that daily treatment with St. John’s Wort may improve the most common physical and behavioral symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome.

Mode of Action
St. John’s Wort inhibits the action of enzyme Monoamine oxidase (MAO). Monoamine oxidase is responsible for the breakdown of two brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine. Norepinephrine acts as a brain stimulant by inhibiting Monoamine oxidase and increasing norepinephrine. St. John’s wort exerts a mild anti depressive action.

Contra Indication
It is reported to cause blurred vision temporarily in some cases.

Doctor’s suggestion

  • It is a very effective herbal aid for mood disorders along with anxiety and depression.
  • A short course of one month of Ayudep has shown promising results in mild to moderate cases of depression.
  • Best part is one can slowly withdraw it after getting the desired results without facing any withdrawal symptoms.

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This is a fantastic! Can’t stop at one.

Very good quality product. And that I get my dose of Chawanprash on the go is fantastic.