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Hot water health benefits as per Ayurveda

Hot water health benefits as per Ayurveda for overall health wellbeing

Hot water health benefits: Drinking hot water is one of the best health tips that can help in many health conditions.  Ayurveda uses physical nature of medicines and food as much as chemical nature.  While other systems give more importance to chemical properties.

Chemically Hot water is nothing more than H2O.  But as per Ayurveda, hot water acts quite differently than cold water over the body.

According to Ayurveda, blockage of different body channels, big and minute, (such as GIT, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc) by the imbalanced Doshas is one of the major causes of disease manifestation. Hot water avoids this blockage and clears the blockage to an extent. Thus helps in prevention and/or treatment of diseases.

Drinking hot water at night time is beneficial in diseases like Kapha related disorders, Amavata (compared to rheumatoid arthritis), decreases fat deposition in the body, and cleanses the urinary bladder, useful in the treatment of a cough and other respiratory diseases and fever.

Panchakarma treatment is the Ayurvedic procedure to relieve toxins, metabolic wastes from the body. It is done for both to maintain health and to relieve disease. There are many rules to follow during Panchakarma procedure, among which using hot water for drinking is very important.

How to prepare hot water as per Ayurveda

 अष्टमेनांशशेषेण चतुर्थेन अर्धकेन वा अथवा क्वथनेनैव सिद्धं उष्णोदकं वदेत
श्लेष्म आमवात मेदोघ्नं बस्ति शोधनदीपनं कासश्वास ज्वरहरं पीतमुष्णोदकं निशि शांर्गधर सम्हिता मधयम खण्ड 2/159 – 160

Hot water is prepared by heating the water till it reduces to one-eighth part or quarter part, or half part or just heating water till it reaches boiling point.

Health benefits of  hot water

  • Hot water health benefits: Hot water helps to improve digestion and to relieve indigestion.
  • Drinking hot water at night, before bedtime is an excellent remedy to clear white coated tongue.
  • Hot water drinking is one of the major dietary advice in the treatment of cold, cough, respiratory tract infections, Asthma, allergic disorders etc.
  • Hot water will reduce the frequency of repeated cold attacks especially in children
  • Hot water drinking is a very good sore throat remedy.
  • Drinking a spoon of honey with a glass of water is recommended in obesity treatment.
  • Whenever you eat oily food stuff, junk food, or consume ghee, drinking hot water will make you feel lighter. And also, it avoids fat absorption to an extent.
  • Hot water cleanses bladder. So, it is the natural most and easily available bladder cleanses medicine.
  • Hot water health benefits: Drinking hot water at night is much recommended in the treatment of fever.
  • Hot water drinking is highly recommended in cases of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Hot water is the Anupana (media) for many herbal remedies.
  • Drinking hot water at the night can avoid the risk of heart attack.

Effect of hot water on Doshas

Drinking hot water calm Vata and Kapha while it elevates Pitta.Hot water relieves Aama. One of the root cause for most of the diseases.

Contraindication of hot water

Hot water is not given to those patients with excessive vitiation of Pitta or if there is burning sensation, dizziness, delirium and diarrhea. Hot things, lead to the burning, sensation, giddiness, delirium and diarrhea. Only cold food and drinks are helpful in this situation. Hence regular hot water drinking is not advisable if you often suffer from heat and burning sensation (Pitta body type)

In cases of the disease condition, hot water drinking may not be the single solution. Medicines are also required in most of the cases. Better to consume hot water as warm. Too much hot water may cause damage to the tongue.






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